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City for Kids for the territory: “A kid friendly city”
The main target of the project is to promote the territory through the development of kid friendly areas that must be certified, safe and of good-quality. The territory is seen as a “macro container” of each kid friendly city. It gains importance for the citizens and for the tourists who can benefit from essential services for the well-being of the kids, the mum and, in general, of all the family.
City for Kids for cultural areas
Be culturally sensitive since kids! Not only educational projects in museums for kids aged from 6 to 13, but also educational areas for younger kids who can develop tactil, visual, auditive and sensory abilities while their family visits the museum. Moreover, it is important to place in museums suitable areas and furnishing so to satisfy the kid and the mum’s needs. 
City for Kids for public areas
The project wants to give importance and “reinvent” areas so to transform them not only into “people-oriented areas” but above all into “kid friendly areas”. This is the aim of the project: create reception facilities for the kids and for their family; respect safety and quality standards; give a useful and pleasant service in every moment of the day.
City for Kids for cultural, commercial, turistic and medical areas
Accessibility for families. Accessibility for kids. Accessibility for mums. These are the goals of the project. We aim to provide these locations with services and facilities. Families with young kids attend with considerable difficulty these places and sometimes they are provided autonomously without any safety standards and adequate tools for children. 
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