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Get to know and choose the kid friendly places
Which places are really kid friendly? City for Kids
offers the opportunity to discover which places are actually provided with spaces and services for all the family; it guarantees the quality of the place and of the facilities offered; it allows to get in direct contact with the accomodation for the reservation.
Visit the city
City for Kids offers the opportunity to discover new places, to visit new cities without ignoring the cultural places. The family will be able to experience and enjoy kid friendly places through culture and welcoming services. The young users will find the opportunity to experience the place in a pleasant way. They will visit a museum or a library and they will spend their time in an original and enjoyable way thanks to teaching and entertaining paths created specifically for the “young traveller”.
Get to know the local events
Events, meetings but also opportunities to socialize and to learn. City for Kids creates a real notice board with kid friendly events so that the family can organize its time. In this way, parents will definitely be sure of the opportunities created for their children.
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