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Safety, quality and control of the kid friendly areas
Nowadays, in many places there are playgrounds for children with no suitable materials and tools for the child’s health and safety. City for Kids ensures guidance, planning and installation of service areas and playgrounds with certified materials. It provides a regular service for the tools’ maintenance, control and for communication and advertising.
Enhance the district, the province and the regional areas
Accessibility. Liveability. Happy to live in your city. A smart and kid friendly city with suitable and safe areas for the children until the age of about 12. Families can enjoy the services offered by the territory and satisfy their children’s needs. A high-quality public image for the city whose aim is to become a City for Kids with national and international acknowledgement.
Satisfy the family and the kid’s needs
Visiting a kid friendly city or museum and enjoy their value, having dinner in a restaurant with every comfort are signs of happiness and well-being for the users. A place is accessible when it focuses its attention also on younger kids and it provides essential services for their care. The well-being of the child allows all the family to live with pleasure the daily life.
Increase the enjoyment of the territory with its cultural spaces and accomodations for residents and tourists
The users can enjoy comprehensively the territory where they live happy and peacefully if they know that their city provides suitable services that can satisfy their needs. Not only residents but also tourists will be more encouraged to spend their time visiting a new place if they are aware that this place provides accomodations capable to satify the family needs.
Create new working opportunities 
Safety and well-being are created not only through the materials and the tools used but also through a person with professional skills and a specific education. He/She takes care of the children during the play time so to allow adults to enjoy peacefully any moments also when they will not be so near their children.
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